Care info:

🌺 Due to the natural dye process there may be slight variations in color... which is something we love. Natural dyes make each item slightly unique, and bring out the personality of our cotton fabrics.

🍑 Even though our fabrics are preshrunk, putting your cotton garments in the dryer can make them shrink up even more (especially woven garments, in length). However if you'd like a more shrunken fit a dryer can work some serious magic. The best way to dry your garments is to air dry in the shade !

✨ To avoid additional shrinkage, save energy, and prevent carbon pollution hand wash or machine wash your garments on delicates using minimal eco-friendly detergent. 

👥 Layer with caution for initial wear as some color may transfer. After a few washes you'll be good to go!

☝️ Pro tip: If you add a half cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle, it will help colors maintain their intensity.